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Current Rules

Alliance Rules:
1. Treaties must be renewed every session, special treaties defined by gms may be allowed for longer.
2. AI players (dropped or absent) may not be manually called into war (unless given explicit consent). A player is recommended to drop alliances before an absence and if a player is spontaneously absent it will be left to a third party on whether that players country should be in a war or not
3. Improve relations may not exceed the normal limitations in cases with AI.
1. Defensive Alliances take precedence over Non Aggression Pacts, NAP’s Take Precedence over Offensive Alliances. A treaty must explicitly say otherwise in order to circumnavigate this.
2. Any treaty that is too comprehensive and/or has too ridiculous of penalties will be struck down. Gms withhold the right to change any treaty as per gm decision.
3. No treaty amendments. If you wish to amend a treaty simply right a brand new one and resign.
Personal Union, vassals, and Colonial Rules:
1. If a player is Personal Unioned he is to consider himself a vassal of the other player for the entire extent of the union except he cannot be integrated. It is expected of him to both stay loyal and to do whatever his nation can handle for his overlord. This loyalty will be judged by the GM.
2. A player who is forced into personal union may declare for Independence 20 years after the war ended, a player who is inherited can try right away.
3. After 40 years of being a Personal Union the PU will end. If the PU Subordinate tries to break free it will reset this timer.
4. Player vassals function the same way as personal unions except they can be integrated.
5. A colony can only declare independence in three scenarios:
He declares completely alone and calls in nobody else
He has over 50% liberty desire
He has been a colony for at least 100 years if he joined in during the 1500’s, 75 years if he joined in during the 1600’s, and 50 years for the 1700’s. (please note it works like tax brackets, if you join in in 1599 you wait until 1675)
War Rules
1. At any point during a war a player may ask for the other sides war goals, should he choose to accept them the other side must send that exact peace. Should he choose to decline them then the other side may re consider what they are trying to get in the war
2. Players who are not present due to absence need to have a point of contention as judged by the GM in order to be warred. This point of contention generally follows these rules a. has been declared by the player several times b. is a logical move for the player (I.E Poland simply declaring he wants to take Constantinople from the Ottomans is not a point of contention unless Poland can actually take and hold Constantinople) c. A level of urgency exists (ie. Either Poland needs to take Constantinople right now to cut off Austrian expansion or Poland has set himself up to take Constantinople that session using hard to negotiate for alliances and Non aggression pacts)
3. Ai war leaders do not exist in Player vs AI wars. If a player has joined the AI in a war he now negotiates peace terms on the AI's behalf (I.E Ottomans war Wallachia who is defended by Poland. Poland player is now the assumed war leader and should Ottomans wish to end the war the peace terms must be accepted by Poland.) These peace negotiations must stay reasonable (I.E Poland has obviously lost but says they refuse to give anything up from themselves and only Wallachia needs to) GM discretion will be used constantly: Fair Warning
Army Lending Rules
1. Mercenaries can not be lent to other players or AI
2. Lent out troops must actively attempt to participate in the war in a way the troop purchaser wishes. However the way the troops are explicitly used is at the discretion of the troop lender
Miscellaneous Rules
1. Monarch points may never be traded, used as punishment (in a treaty), or be taken in any way. Monarch points are untouchable. (to be clear a GM punishment however can take it away, i.e for a rule break)
2a. The religious wars will have a five year grace period from when the event triggers to when the war may start. Each side must declare in the open on what they are fighting for, both sides may not fight for white peace. (of course white peace may still be achieved it just must be fought for)
2b. The Emperor can not explicitly join the protestants but may abstain from the war should he choose. if the Catholic side except for the emperor is properly defeated the emperor must accept the peace handed to him. (he however will remain untouched by the peace)
3. Military access is in the control of the player giving it, if he requests you leave his land all of your troops still in the military acces country (and only those troops) must immediately choose a final destination and no more may go through that nation. DO NOT TAKE RISKS THROUGH MILITARY ACCESS
4. Personal Union land and Vassal land is not the overlords to be traded away. The ownership of the vassal/pu may be traded but not that vassal’s land.
5. If a player is gone their nation does not do anything harmful, period. If France misses a session and his AI attacks England, successfully invades the British isles and conquers everything from London to Scotland, this will be undone in save game edit. The risk the AI took to try such a move was not the AI's to make. The opposite scenario is AI France invades Britain horribly fails and the British conquer Paris while France is still AI. This scenario is equally unacceptable and neither are allowed to occur. If an AI player attacks a normally Ai nation it is normally ok but still up to GM oversight. This rule is shaky please understand the game simply runs smoother when everyone is here. We won't have to deal with this rule at all if everyone could always get a sub when they will be absent.

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