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 Post subject: My old Rules
PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 3:49 am 

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We had a good discussion on Saturday about the rules. However to be honest I don't think it actually accomplished anything. It was shortsighted of me to promote a discussion before changes were really suggested as people were kind of hit blind sided with a lot of the ideas. Here is my old rules list, hopefully everyone can get a chance to comment on what they don't like from it or what they really like from it.

MY current comments will be marked in Red. Everything that is not red means it was written almost a year ago (so don't take everything too seriously some of it is completely dated jst by Paradox updates)

Alliance Rules:
1a. Alliances must be renewed every session or up to 30 years based off what the alliances states in its forum post.
1b. Non Alliance based treaties must have proper limitations but can technically be indefinite, see the treaty forum for what is OK and what is NOT. Expect GM oversight when making a complex treaty
2. AI players (dropped or absent) may not be manually called into war (unless given explicit consent). A player is recommended to drop alliances before an absence and if a player is spontaneously absent it will be left to a third party on whether that players country should be in a war or not
3. Relation edits will cost 30 diplo power per pop

Personal Unions: The Personal Union rules are designed to be fun. Currently player personal unions mean absolutely fucking nothing and when we used to play this helped a lot to make it mean atleast a little something. That being said its very subjective.
1. Player personal unions are never permanent. If a player is forced into a PU after 75 years the player is to be released. If a player is inherited after 35 years the player is to be released
2. If a player is Personal Unioned he is to consider himself a vassal of the other player for the entire extent of the union. It is expected of him to both stay loyal and to do what ever his nation can handle for his overlord. This loyalty will be judged by the GM, or a poll if no GM is neutral
3. A player who is forced into personal union may declare for Independence 20 years after the war ended, a player who is inherited can try right away. Should the player be unsuccessful he must wait 15 years before trying again and must continue to act like a loyal subject int he mean time. If an inherited player tries to break free his release timer is now 50 years
4. A vassal will be counted as a P.U for all intents and purposes except there is no getting out for free an amount years later. Instead the overlord can even choose to integrate a player vassal.

War Rules
1. At any point during a war a player may ask for the other sides war goals, should he choose to accept them the other side must send that exact peace. Should he choose to decline them then the other side may re consider what they are trying to get in the war
2a. To liberate a state from another nation that is more then 50% warscore the offensive nation must declare that they are going to be doing that before the war begins. If the offensive nation cannot complete their war goal they may negotiate a mutual peace, or else they must settle with enforcing white peace.
2b. If a nation is over 1,000 development you must only declare a planned release for a full 100 warscore release, a 99 war score release is allowed on a whim (this does not include vassals still)
3. A nation may enforce peace once a war score of double their demands has been met and that war score or higher is kept for one year. A nation must declare they are enforcing peace before the timer can start, they may not change goals during that time, and a minimum of 40% war score must be achieved. For a white peace to be enforced it only needs to be 30% warscore
4. Only half of a players total take able funds may be taken in a war (reasonably close to that amount, if their max is 1400 and you can either ask for 660 or 740 the 740 is fine). Up to half a players land may be taken in a war, vassal provinces count as 3/5 of a province. This rule i personally think is no longer remotely necessary
5. War score can never exceed 100% Again completely dated, believe it or not at one point this needed to be a rule though (I'm acting like you all werent playing back then when you all probably were)
6. Players who are not present due to absence need to have a point of contention as judged by the GM in order to be warred. This point of contention generally follows these rules a. has been declared by the player several times b. is a logical move for the player (I.E Poland simply declaring he wants to take Constantinople from the Ottomans is not a point of contention unless Poland can actually take and hold Constantinople) c. A level of urgency exists (ie. Either Poland needs to take Constantinople right now to cut off Austrian expansion or Poland has set himself up to take Constantinople that session using hard to negotiate for alliances and Non aggression pacts) This massive rule I feel is one of the most important in the Europa. We really got off easy last game with how rarely major nations were missing. We had dedicated subs (markoni and sneaky) that constantly stepped in and really helped the game move. That being said I feel this rule will be looked to several times this game between PTZ maybe missing a session every now and then and us not really having dedicated subs anymore
7a. Ai war leaders do not exist in Player vs AI wars. If a player has joined the AI in a war he now negotiates peace terms on the AI's behalf (I.E Ottomans war Wallachia who is defended by Poland. Poland player is now the assumed war leader and should Ottomans wish to end the war the peace terms must be accepted by Poland.) These peace negotiations must stay reasonable (I.E Poland has obviously lost but says they refuse to give anything up from themselves and only Wallachia needs to)
7b. An Ai secondary power can ask for their own peace or else a neutral player will be appointed as their representative (Gm appointed) - this rule is only designed for use in considerably important player vs player wars

Army lending Rules
1. Mercenaries can not be lent to other players. (or ai - edited 4/8/2016)
2. If you lend your troops to another player under any circumstance you must follow their every military order to the best of your ability. If a player requests you attach your forces to their armies due to you being slow you must comply.
3. Generals may not be lent

Miscellaneous Rules
1. Monarch points may never be traded, used as punishment (in a treaty), or be taken in any way. Monarch points are untouchable. (to be clear a GM punishment however can take it away, i.e for a rule break)
2a. The religious wars will have a five year grace period from when the event triggers to when the war may start. Each side must declare in the open on what they are fighting for, both sides may not fight for white peace. (of course white peace may still be achieved it just must be fought for)
2b. The Emperor can not explicitly join the protestants but may abstain from the war should he choose. if the Catholic side except for the emperor is properly defeated the emperor must accept the peace handed to him. (he however will remain untouched by the peace)
3. Military access is in the control of the player giving it, if he requests you leave his land all of your troops must exit through the closest border possible. DO NOT TAKE RISKS THROUGH MILITARY ACCESS Guren
4. Land transfers that are mutual or mutual enough as judged by GM will be treated like land sales and the cores will be lost from the nation giving away the land. Transfers that were bullied out of or are straight from war will be treated as a peace deal type transfer and will not have core loss. Players may not in game land transfer through war to get around this I no longer support this rule as i believe it takes an interesting dynamic away from the game
5. If a player drops for the first time in a session we will rehost for him. Should he drop again he must wait for another drop or a respectable amount of time. If the player is in a player war and it is his second drop or more we will deduct drops from future sessions but still immediately rehost for him. (it is possible to owe more drops then you could ever have, however that does mean unless you are in a player war you will never get rehosted for) this rule is archaic and is from a time where drops used to be a little less random
6. If a player is gone their nation does not do anything harmful, period. If France misses a session and his AI attacks England, successfully invades the British isles and conquers everything from London to Scotland, this will be undone in save game edit. The risk the AI took to try such a move was not the AI's to make. The opposite scenario is AI France invades Britain horribly fails and the British conquer Paris while France is still AI. This scenario is equally unacceptable and neither are allowed to occur. If an AI player attacks a normally Ai nation it is normally ok but still up to GM oversight. This rule is shaky please understand the game simply runs smoother when everyone is here. We wont have to deal with this rule at all if everyone could always get a sub when they will be absent. Again very important rule

I want to make it clear to everyone that I'm not trying to put every rule on here into the game nor are these the only rules I want to add

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