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 Post subject: Treaty rules
PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:20 pm 
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1. Treaties can be written in character, however main purpose of the treaty and penalties have to be very clear and not open to interpretation.
2. Treaties can last up to 1 session or 20 years, it has to be stated in the treaty, otherwise by default we'll consider it to last 1 session.
3. If treaty was preventing country from joining the war in one session however war continues throughout next session, even if treaty expires nation still can not join the ongoing war as it has started at the time treaty was valid.
4. Maximum penalties for breaking the treaty are 200 prestige, 15 infamy, 5M pounds and loss of 1 state.
5. Conflicting treaties can not be avoided, if you join any side of the war while you still have treaties with other side you will suffer penalties. (example: France has defensive alliances with UK and USA, UK attacks USA, France will have to chose what alliance(treaty) they want to break)
6. To avoid any confusion, let's say that Prussia and Russia have a non-aggression pact, Prussia then decides to attack Austria, in this case Russia joining Austria in a defensive war against Prussia is will break treaty between them and Russia will suffer penalties.
7. Treaty can't contain "Country A involved in a treaty can join the war against country B in the treaty as long as their operations aren't directed towards country B" or any sort of clause like this that would avoid treaty penalties and result in fake alliances.
8. Finally all treaties will be divided into regular treaties(alliances,non aggression pacts,land transfers,colonial agreements) and special treaties(other cases not specified by the rules).

Special treaties will have to be approved by treaty council.
Treaty council consists of first 3 players from the following list that AREN'T involved in the treaty or affected by it:
1. Slayzer
2. Guren
3. KevinG
4. DuroSVK
5. Kremelord
6. Sneakyflaps
7. Fussiler
8. Nomelbourn
9. JoeBie
10. ShadowGuard

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