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~~~Book of death~~~

1. Game speed
1a. Game speed
Default game speed is 3, minimal game speed/PVP war speed is 2.

1b. Pause
A player may ask for 30 seconds of speed 1 in case of a huge rebellion during the war. You are still allowed to pause the game for 30 sec when conducting peace deals.

2. War and access

2a.No keeping players in war indefinitely if they are willing to surrender for 100% warscore.

2b.Military acces can be revoked at any point during a war. The neutral country which is revoking the access must pause the game and say so in chat. The countries which are losing access may choose to retreat immediately, in which case they may move through the neutral country's territory and attempt to the best of their ability to move their armies back to their own territory or into the territory of the country they are invading. Retreating armies ARE NOT allowed to be attacked.

3. Ledger
Ledger will be turned off.

4. Condottieri
4.a Mercenary
You are not allowed to loan out mercenary troops nor your generals, only regular army without general can be loaned.

4.b Troop movement
If you lend your troops to another player under any circumstance you must follow their every military order to the best of your ability. If a player requests you attach your forces to their armies due to you being slow you must comply.

5. Rule disputes
Every other rule dispute or issue that hasn't been clarified on the forum will be solved by GM.

6. Availability
If you are unable to attend the session for whatever reason should leave a note at least 2 days before the session, so we can find a sub in case you don't have one already.
Keep in mind that countries without subs that haven't announced they won't be able to attend the session will not be protected!

7. Gameplay
People who get annexed may switch to other non-player controlled nation after consulting GM. Colonies can be played if overlord agrees, have in mind that colonial player can rebel at any point but it's generally worth it since humans can develop colonies far better than AI.

Substitutes should follow any instructions given by original player, if no instructions are given on to the sub then any action committed will be permanent without repair edits, (unless under extreme conditions such as large nation release/nation ruin).

If someone drops/disconnects from the game host will ask if he should assign nation to braindead or AI. If the player that disconnected isn't available in general we use braindead unless his country is at war, in which case we leave it to AI.

8. GM-ing
All the issues that haven't been specified in the rule book will be left to GM discretion.

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