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Continue the game as it is. 35%  35%  [ 6 ]
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Replay the 2nd session. 12%  12%  [ 2 ]
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 Post subject: Re: Slayzer's wall of text about previous session
PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 8:36 pm 
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Also I'd love a clearer definition of the surrender mechanic in this game. Because people joining wars after a side has surrendered just to get a truce is a bit iffy(even for people joining the winning side).

Imagine UK is fighting Germany, Germany surrenders, France joins UK side, war ends.

France now has a free truce with Germany while not having actually fought a war. ****'s silly. Should not be allowed. How to fix:
After a surrender the war is over, do not allow people to join anymore in the same way countries are not allowed to keep fighting after surrender(btw this is also not in the rules for some reason).

Also another thing. The way someone surrenders should be a lot clearer. Example:

France attacks Spain, game stays paused, UK joins in to defend Spain. UK becomes warleader. France adds wargoal on UK. Spain and UK see no hope in the war so Spain types surrender. Because there is more than one wargoal added before the surrender, France assumes Spain only surrendered for himself, while UK and Spain actually meant to surrender together, but Spain never clarified that. UK now claims they surrendered before France added the wargoal. France does not have video evidence. This becomes a long yes/no screaming conflict with no hope of resolution.

Way to fix:
When a country joins a war the game must be paused. Side that had a country join in must wait a week(actual numbers can change) before they're allowed to surrender. This stops the above situation because now it is clear whether wargoals are added before or after surrender. On top of that it also prevents people from joining a war just to get a truce, with the only cost being 20% warscore lost potentially.

Also maybe add a thing where surrendering means adding 20% to every single nation that surrenders. So people actually get punished for joining wars where they know the 20% won't be added on them personally. For example USA could just join every single war that is about to surrender because they don't have any land that the enemy alliance would want, and they need to spend their precious 20% on more important wargoals. This way USA can get truce with everyone all the time and laugh straight to the bank.

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