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 Post subject: Rules
PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:48 am 

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1. When declaring war you need to pause the game and write formal declaration of war in chat, after that game will be paused for 30 seconds.
2. One may not release more than 1 country every 10 years. In addition you may not release a nation that may be reintegrated into the one you are playing.
3. No country is allowed to take anything from Mainland China(except Formosa, Manchuria and treaty ports). Mainland China means everything that is part of modern day China.
4. When retreating you may move your army only by 1 province and to a province it could have reached before it entered the battle. (i.e. no retreating behind enemy lines)
5. Only 100% worth of warscore may be enforced on player nations of each side in a war.
6. Tickers added by or on ai nations cannot be used to force peace a war involving players on both sides in whole or in part.
7. You may only mobilize once during a single war.
8. You may not intervene in a war only to submit to wargoals or surrender, for a.i. or player nations.
9. If only one player nation will be the target of wargoals in a peace deal, that player must either be at 100% personal warscore or consent to the peace deal.
10. Gamey exploits such as for example France wants to help Netherlands, France spheres Belgium, Netherlands attacks Belgium, France intervenes and offers a peace to Netherlands to annex Belgium. ARE NOT ALLOWED. Also crisis abuse is not allowed.
11. One is not allowed to send peace offers unless other side surrendered already.
12. During the war, if enemy is fighting with rebels you are not allowed to go through those territories or land on top of the battle!
13. If war involves 2 or more countries on one side, once minor partner peace out they will have to give military access to attacker.
14. You can only and only use military access though neutral country if your enemy has it also. (To prevent AI abuses)
15. If defenders surrenders, attacking side can add up to 20% more warscore to already added wargoals.
16. If attacker is surrendering, defender can add up to 40% of warscore to already added wargoals.
17. In addition to the previous rule winning side can always press for 50% warscore if they are claiming their cores.
18. Switching wargoals to abuse game mechanics is not allowed! (Example: In a huge war one side adds 5 times humiliation so they can get ticker and get warscore to 100%, in this case once losing side surrenders winning side is not allowed to replace wargoals they added with different goals)
19. When a country gets a separate peace, if winning side adds wargoals against side that is getting out of the war, the final warscore that they can later demand against others in the war is reduced by the warscore they demanded on the side(s) that have peaced out already.
20. Abusing wars against AI countries is forbidden, you have to peace out as soon as AI has 100% war exhaustion.
21. You are not allowed to delete factories in occupied provinces that will be lost in the war.
22. Neutral countries can decide to give or not give military access only once during the war.(They can't prevent access for certain amount of time that would favor their allies)
23. If something comes up in game that many feel is game breaking, it may be added to the rules after the fact if a majority agree. If a 2/3 majority agrees, it can be added to the rules and retroactively enforced on the player(s) whose abuse caused the discussion. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO CLEAR CASES OF BIAS. Example: 1 nation emerges as strongest and is fighting everyone else, the opponents cannot start making up rules just to make his life difficult.
24. No sphering/allying off limits nations. This is only guaranteed to apply to China, but may apply to Japan/Americas depending on roster.
25. Players may not join negotiated transfer wars.
26. Players may not join wars after any side has declared they surrender in chat.

If anybody has suggestions/obvious ones I missed, please feel free to comment.

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 Post subject: Re: Rules
PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:31 pm 
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Reword rule #2 so that it's less ambiguous. Literally just make it "not allowed to release countries that can be reintegrated" so you can no longer try to break that rule on semantics :"^).

Again I could see rule #8 be exploited by chad-like players that join in wars and then don't give in to all wargoals, just a portion of them to **** over their own side hue hue. You can fix that by changing the rule into that you are only allowed to surrender as a coalition when everyone that has a wargoal on them agrees. Something like that.

Make a rule about not being allowed to join wars after a war has been surrendered. This has been abused by slayzer in the past.

Also I'd like a rule where you have to state your intended wargoals before a war starts, and those wargoals are basically guaranteed upon surrender, and must be added ASAP. This means ppl can't just instasurrender and lose only 20%(which in the case of smaller nations means nothing at all). Either that or do the 2 month thing that DSCH did in sunday game.

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