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 Post subject: Rules [UPDATED]
PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2016 4:10 pm 
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Ingame rules

1. When declaring war on a player you need to pause the game and write formal declaration of war in chat listing countries that are willing to join the war on your side, 30 seconds after pause you may declare war.
2. One may not release more than 1 country every 15 years. In addition you may not release nation of same cultural union(Those that can later on be integrated by event!)
3. No country is allowed to take anything from Mainland China(except Formosa,Manchuria,Mongolia and treaty ports). Mainland China means everything that is part of modern day China.
4. When retreating you may move your army only by 1 province. In addition you can't retreat behind enemy lines, this means you can only retreat backwards or to the adjacent to the province behind the battle the ongoing battle.
Green lines indicate provinces that Austria is allowed to retreat to.
Blue line indicates provinces that are neutral to which Austria can retreat if both sides have access to.
Red lines indicate provinces that are behind the enemy lines since Austria attacked from Verona.

5. Abusing game mechanics for stuff that wouldn't be possible in real life is not allowed, if the agreement can't be reached or the issue isn't clear Admin will make a final decision.
6. Maximum for adding wargoals is 100% warscore.
7. You may use mobilization only once during a single war. if your nation is attacked by another player(and this isn't a fake war - should be obvious) you may remobilize. If you are attacked by AI during another PVP war you need to finish a PVP war before remobilizing for AI war.
8. Gamey exploits such as for example France wants to help Netherlands, France spheres Belgium, Netherlands attacks Belgium, France intervenes and offers a peace to Netherlands to annex Belgium. ARE NOT ALLOWED. Also crisis abuse is not allowed. This now applies to AI nations as well. If player joins on AI side by mistake, once attacking side has at least 80% of wargoals occupied he can send the offer to defending player who then has to accept a peace offer.(As long as wargoals are only on AI nations)
9. During the war, if enemy is fighting with rebels you are not allowed to go through those territories or land on top of the battle! (I thought I made this one clear when I said no abuses allowed but apparently it wasn't enough)
10. If war involves 2 or more countries on one side, once minor partner peace out they will have to give military access to attacker.
11. If there is only one wargoal in the ongoing war original defender and original attackers are considered warleaders, coalilition can't surrender or demand peace without agreement of original warleader! THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO GREATWARS!
12. You can only and only use military access though neutral country if your enemy has it also. If country was neutral at the beginning of the war, but decides to start giving military access to nations in the war they must announce it in chat, otherwise military access will be invalid and all the troops that are at that point on neutral territory have to move back to provinces they came from into neutral territory. Military access can be given or revoked ONLY once per war.
13. If defenders surrenders, attacking side can add up to 20% more warscore to already added wargoals.
If attacker is surrendering, defender can add up to 40% of warscore to already added wargoals.
14. In addition to the previous rule winning side can always press for 50% warscore if they are claiming their cores.
15. Switching wargoals to abuse game mechanics is not allowed! (Example: In a huge war one side adds 5 times humiliation so they can get ticker and get warscore to 100%, in this case once losing side surrenders winning side is not allowed to replace wargoals they added with different goals)
16. When a country gets a separate peace, if winning side adds wargoals against side that is getting out of the war, the final warscore that they can later demand against others in the war is reduced by the warscore they demanded on the side(s) that have peaced out already.
17. Abusing wars against AI countries is forbidden, you have to peace out as soon as AI has 100% warexhaustion.
18. From now on there will only be limited protection for players that don't show up for a session, meaning that their countries can be attacked for cores and colonies. Please be responsible, if you are going to miss a session try to find a sub or at least inform us early enough so that we can have time to find a sub. Players that don't have subs will suffer 100 points for each session their country is AI controlled.
19. You are not allowed to delete factories in occupied provinces that will be lost in the war.

 Post subject: Re: Rules [UPDATED]
PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:47 pm 
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