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Rule for fleet access during the war

Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:01 am

Some of you weren't on the TS when we discussed this so I'm gonna post it here.

There is an issue where fleets don't retreat properly during the war, and they often end up in neutral territory. This makes it so that retreating fleet is basically invincible during the time they are in neutral ports. As the opposite side has no way of forcing retreated fleet out of neutral port this had a huge potential for abuses. Now previous(non-written) rule was "fleet that retreated to neutral port can't participate in war till the end of it or until neutral country joins one of the sides".

This rule is not ideal one so my proposition was to change it slightly:

A fleet that retreats to neutral port can either remain there until the end of the war or it may ask for few weeks of naval truce until it sails from neutral port to one of it's own(or allied) ports.

(In addition we might add one of the closest allied ports, for example Japan owns a port in South America, Japanese and American fleets engage in a combat near coast of Australia, after losing a battle Japanese fleet retreats to neutral port in Australia, logically that fleet should be allowed to retreat to Japanese mainland port as moving the fleet to South American port might be a bit abusive)

If anyone has a better solution please let me know.
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