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 Post subject: Sweden(Scandinavia) guide,by Slayzer
PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:59 am 
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Sweden is one of the most enjoyable nations to play, their biggest advantage is high literacy(80% in the start) which gives them most research points in the world.

Starting stats (1836)
    Status: Secondary Power (rank 9)
    Prestige: 15 (9)
    Industry: 0 (15)
    Military: 16 (11) 10/20 regiments
    Literacy: 80%
    Research points: 10.38
    Population: 1.04M

Ending stats (1851)
Status: Great Power (rank 5)
Prestige: 151 (4)
Industry: 31 (6)
Military: 27 (18) 19/25 regiments
Literacy: 84%
Research points: 25.68
Population: 3.15M

Located in the Northern Europe Sweden starts with low but highly educated population which gives her research advantage. To form Scandinavia you need to have Denmark and Norway(part of Sweden in the beginning) under your protection. Note that you DON'T need Finland to form it! Also you need to be a Great Power and have prestige of at least 45. The fastest and easiest way to do so is to focus on Aesthetics tree under technologies, you need to get 2 of the researches, once you are done you should have enough prestige to become Great Power, from that point start influencing Denmark. However be careful (especially in multiplayer games!) Prussia needs part of Denmark to form North German Federation it's best to let them get it and only then sphere Denmark yourself.
Meanwhile due to your high res.points you can focus both on industry and colonization. Once you form Scandinavia you will have a decent number of coastal provinces, make sure that you get naval bases in them. Unfortunately Sweden starts with only few resources, none of which are valuable therefor you will want to get some boost to your economy by capturing some territories with high manpower and resources needed for your factories to run without losing money.
If you are ever forced to go into war maker sure that you have a decent navy as that will be your saving grace! There are only 3 territories from which enemy can launch invasion (2 in the northern part of Sweden and Norway, and 1 in southern part of Denmark). With high level forts and some decent army composition you should have no problems in fighting much larger armies, bare in mind that provinces in northern part of your country are mostly in forests or arctic which means that players are unlikely to invade you there so you should really focus on south.

If you wan't to check save or continue playing from where I stopped you can find them below.
SwedenHowTo.rar [3.1 MiB]
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