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 Post subject: Japan guide, by Slayzer
PostPosted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:52 am 
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Japan is one of the strongest nations to play, and although they start as uncivilized nation they are not very difficult to play.

Starting stats (1836)
    Status: Uncivilized
    Prestige: 10
    Industry: 0
    Military: 18
    Literacy: 40%
    Research points: 4,13
    Population: 7,08M

Ending stats (1851)
Status: Great power
Prestige: 86
Industry: 0
Military: 63
Literacy: 29,7
Research points: 9,11
Population: 11,57M

The guide shows how to play Japan in early days and one of the possible ways of westernizing. The advantage of Japan is that it starts with a bonus to research points while conquering, the thing you want to use as much as you can. If you want you can even abuse your uncivilized status to gain more land so that you can later turn conquered lands into stats(which will allow you to build factories).
Strategy used in a guide was declaring conquest war on Korea, China will honor their alliance with Korea but won't fight you until you fully occupy Korea, at that point you can peace out with Korea and fight a little bit longer until China gives up on trying to free Korea. However I chose to get a territory from China and thus continued the war. The important thing to bare in mind is to replace your irregulars with infantry as soon as you are allowed to, also make sure to handle your militancy as rebellion will revoke your westernization progress.
Once I finished a war with China I declared war on Russia to get Sakhalin, unfortunately I didn't time it well so I wasn't able to finish the war before my truce with China expired so I had to fight two wars(one with China and their substates and Russia), it wouldn't be such a problem if China didn't give military access to Russia, however I still managed to win a defensive war against China and get a white peace with Russia.
It was possible to take more territories from China as well as winning a war against Russia but I wanted to burn some infamy so I took a white peace with Russia.


If you wish you can try to win those wars, here are saves from 1850 and 1851, normally you should get to rank 5 or 4 once you are done with wars however I took a prestige hit since I didn't get Sakhalin. Once you become a great power your game can go in various ways, one of the reasons why Japan is favorite country for most of the people is its ability to become a Military,Industrial and Colonial power at the same time.

Japan1851.rar [3.14 MiB]
Downloaded 21 times
Japan1850.rar [3.03 MiB]
Downloaded 26 times
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