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PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2014 3:11 pm 

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Instructions for the Austrian sub:

1. Beware the Ottomans. They have stated they want Bosnia back and might declare war for it when you're not looking or if you move the troops away from the border. I have already fought against them once. Reinforce the troops at the Ottoman border until you're at equal strength with Ottoman troops at the other side, and don't move them away please. If the Ottomans move their troops back, they usually have around 90k in each border province.
2. Do not abandon Germany or Italy. If you think they are going into a dumb war, try to reason with them, but don't abandon them, unless it's a completely retarded war. Keep your alliance with them. Besides that, don't attack the UK.
3. Don't break the NAP with Russia, Germany or Italy! You have one month to fix it if you do, from the moment you were notified of your breach. See the treaty subforum for the specific terms.

4. Keep expanding factories.
5. Keep enough troops in Africa, around 150k. Spain attacked you once for a colony, he might do it again, or somebody else.
6. Don't build too many dreadnoughts.
7. Try to keep the treasury intact. In wars it's ok if you lose a lot of money but try to stay positive in peace time.
Keep stockpiles at 75% or so in peace time, but 85-100% in war time. Administration at 50%, military spending at the max to recruit new soldiers. Tarrifs at 75%, as well. Lower the tarrifs if you're in positive, but not too far. I have plenty to spare, but don't waste it.

8. Promote soldiers in regions where the soldier pop is around 4% or lower. Keep building your armies. Keep your military score at 2nd or 3rd. You need a lot of armies for AH's position, and you can never have enough. Otherwise, promote clerks and craftsmen.
9. Build airplanes and tanks. Airplanes are good for defense, tanks good for attack.
10. Don't be a ****.
11. Beware the Wallachian and Moldavian border. Don't station troops near it in peace time, but do station troops at war time. Ottomans and other countries may move through it.
12. When it's possible, research the military techs first and as quick as possible.
13. The artillery stack in Hungary is meant to merge with conscripts that assemble in Budapest. Merge the stacks and split them. Try to add some artillery to that arty stack.
14. Stick with conservative party. Enact reforms when you can.

I think I have a pretty good position in the game, so you should be fine, but still, be careful.

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