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 Post subject: Re: 2nd Session recap
PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:47 pm 
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[quote="Slayzer"]I yell stuff only when you people start acting like retards and spam annoying **** in mainchannel, as soon as hosting is done I move to a separate channel with 1-2 allies because most of the time chat is so toxic that it's a real pain to listen to and because I'm trying to talk to viewers at the same time.

In previous topic (Issues and solutions) I've announced this:

1. Childish behavior

Trashtalk and childish behavior to say the least in main channel during rehosts and before the game. This has happened in several occasions in last few sessions/games and it seems that some people think that I'm joking when I say that I will start banning and removing people from games because of that, well you mates are completely wrong and if I hear one more word that isn't directly connected to the game during rehosts in main channel you will be out of the game. Because of this ******** other issues happen that have more direct impact to the gameplay. I don't have to list people who act like this and they better realize that this kind of behavior isn't accepted in this community.


We will use paradoxplaza(TS we are currently on) for one more session, if it doesn't work out and we still get same issues we'll change teamspeak(I already have 3 servers for backup) and people that caused this will get 6months ban.

And I will stick to it, no trashtalking and spamming in the main channel! You can talk,scream and mouth fart as much as you want in separate channels with people that want to listen to it, but when I'm in a main channel I will continue kicking and banning people that fail to behave properly.

Rehosts are annoying I think you'll agree, and people just joke around to pass the time between rehosts. I'd rather take 5 min more to rehost wile joking around, than only discussing the game and being slightly faster. And you're just referring to rehosts and before the game here, while you also behave like a **** when someone joins your channel just to talk to someone there. Or when someone jokes around or trashtalks during the game(example was when you asked how you lost prestige and I said because you lost the war) you also tell people to **** off et cetera. I'm fine with you wanting to eliminate childish conduct, but it's hard for people to take you seriously when you're one of the people participating in it.

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